Monday, September 19, 2005

A Scientifically Proven Diabolical Plan

Ecuador’s President Alfredo Palacio told El Comercio newspaper about a diabolical plan to destroy the country: "There is a diabolical plan to totally destroy and demolish Ecuador. I state that scientifically and objectively. I am not just running off at the mouth".

The objective of the plan is to destroy democracy. And the mastermind, well that is a bit more problematic: "Sincerely, I do not know who is behind this plan, and I am trying to speak about it as much in the manner of a doctor as I can. It is as if they brought me to a sick mother and I explained to the son what is happening and then he asks me what virus is making her sick, and I cannot tell him because it could be one or it could be several."

If I was Palacio I would keep my mouth shot until having a treatment for this virus. But then I am neither president nor doctor.


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