Monday, January 16, 2006

Humala Gains Momentum

A Peruvian poll shows nationalist candidate Ollanta Humala from National Peruvian Party (PNP) ahead of the 09 April presidential election. Second in the race is Lourdes Flores (National Unity). The survey was published in El Comercio, a daily newspaper, and produced by Apoyo firm. Here are the numbers:

Ollanta Humala 28%
Lourdes Flores 25%
Alan Garcí­a 15%

Retired Lt. Col. Ollanta Humala has been openly supported by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. His victory would boost the rising wave of leftist populism currently hitting Latin America.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Doctor Marco said...

I have my doubts with respect to the "socialism" of Humala. He is a nationalist who rebelled against Fujimori's corruption. He might use the socialist platform to get help from Chavez and win in April.


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