Monday, March 13, 2006

A Second Presidenta?

If the Peruvian Presidential run-off was today Lourdes Flores would become the second South American female president, says a poll produced by IMA firm. Flores would take 43.1% of the votes compared to 28.8% for Humala in a second round. If she was to face Alan García she would get 40.9% against 28.4%.

As for the first round, here are the figures released by IMA:

-Lourdes Flores: 26.9% (-0.3% less than January)
-Ollanta Humala: 21.6% (6.9% more than January)
-Alan García: 20.1% (2% more than January)

Elections are scheduled for April 09. Current trends indicate a narrow lead by Flores as the most likely outcome.

Media have characterized Lourdes Flores as a free marketer, Ollanta Humala as a leftist with close ties to Venezuela’s Chavez and Alan Garcia as an ineffectual but charismatic former president.


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