Monday, April 10, 2006

Diplomatic Soap Opera

Venezuela’s President just starred the last episode of the Venezuela-US diplomatic soap opera in a live performance at his weekly TV show Aló Presidente.

“If you are going to continue with provocations, prepare your luggage, because I'm going to kick you out", President Chavez warned US Ambassador to Venezuela William Brownfield, referring to a situation at a sports complex where the diplomat was attacked by Chavez’s supporters after donating equipment to a baseball school.

Venezuela’s president described the episode as "provocation and demagoguery" and warned that if Washington takes diplomatic reprisals against Venezuela for the attack against Brownfield, he will declare him “persona non grata.”

Chavez’ response is a reaction to an earlier statement by Washington warning of "severe diplomatic consequences" if Brownfield’s security was compromised again.

Venezuela sells to the US roughly 15% of its total oil demand, which at the same time represent 60% of Venezuela’s oil exports. This interdependency makes it unlikely from both countries to severe the relationship.


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