Friday, June 10, 2005

Pro Chavez Website Promotes Revolution in Bolivia, a pro-Chavez website used by the Venezuelan government for media campaigns, displays a banner calling for a revolution in Bolivia. It says: "BOLIVIA, No elections, No succession but a revolution."

The banner links to a story in which the Bolivian National Association of Miners calls for a revolution:
"The only solution for the current crisis is that workers ,farmers and the impoverished middle class take over the government"..."The current power vacuum is an opportunity to debate and impose a revolutionary government"..."The elections are an excuse to avoid the nationalization of our natural resources demanded by the population".

No wonder they want to avoid the electoral way. Evo Morales, an indigenous leader and the most popular figure from the radical left, only counts with a popularity rating of 15%. However, popularity doesn't mean much in today's Bolivia. The last President, Carlos Mesa, enjoyed an approval rating of 68% just a month ago.

The radical left movements are highly organized and will try to seize the opportunity.

The US government has accused Hugo Chavez of founding this movements, however no evidence has been produced linking the Venezuelan government with the Bolivian left.


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