Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mexican Priest Introduces Narco-Alms

In the market for souls competition is fierce.

The catholic church is rapidly losing customers in Latin America to more aggressive religious groups.

Since Ratzinger took over headquarters is of no help. The Vatican is busy writing reactive statements scandal after scandal. There is no time for customer acquisition.

But there is a Mexican priest who is quietly implementing a new business model that can revamp the millenarian institution.

Aguscalientes Bishop, Ramón Gordínez Flores is quietly testing a revolutionary product in his market: Narco-alms.

Money laundry has always been a lucrative business. It has risks but it does pay. If you manage to introduce secret banking into a stable legal system and establish a discreet retail operation then you are going to score high.

Bishop Gordínez Flores talked about his plans to Jornada newspaper. What follows are some of revolutionary business ideas he revealed to the Mexican paper.

-Service is key: “I receive alms from anybody and always say thank you.”

-In the financial world discretion matters: ”I don’t know if the money I get is dirty, I have no evidence. Money can be purified if the person has good intentions”.

-Know your customer base: “I even know of customers who have donated drug money, but those people have been purified. What matters is giving with good intentions”.

In today’s world you have to innovate to survive.


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