Friday, October 14, 2005

Blaming the CIA

A Venezuelan top official accused the CIA of involvement in the killing of controversial chavista prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

Isaías Rodríguez, Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor, announced that Anderson’s case had been solved and the names of the two masterminds will be revealed on 04 November. "The CIA also took part in the killing”, declared Rodríguez to El Universal newspaper.

Danilo Anderson was a high profile prosecutor famous for aggressively targeting opposition political leaders despite his actual position as “Environment prosecutor”.

He was killed by two charges of C4 plastic explosive fixed to his car and detonated remotely, apparently by cell phone.

After his death the Venezuelan government rushed to declare him a national hero and gave him a full honor funeral. Soon allegations involving Anderson in corruption cases emerged in the local media.

Conspiracy theorists blame both the US and the Venezuelan government for the killing. What actually happened in this kind of cases is never known.

Isaías Rodríguez has no credibility at all. During his period as General Prosecutor not a single case of government corruption has been conducted. And corruption
is so widespread that even President Chavez has declared it the worst enemy for his revolution.

It will be interesting to see the evidence Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor will bring forward. Judging from past experiences it will actually boost the case against the prosecutor.


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