Sunday, October 02, 2005

Where is Reagan?

President Chavez feels invincible. The Venezuelan opposition is weak and the US cornered. Without enemies he gains terrain. He is now smashing the local private industry with expropriations. “Social Interest” means death for companies. Polar, a big food productor and distributor is being taken over.

Chavez is also accelerating an old-fashioned agricultural reform and going after productive land. 300 expropriations were just announced in Cojedes State.

There is talk of a Constitutional Reform that would define the country as socialist and include a Bolivarian mission to justify foreign intervention.

Last Sunday Chavez spoke openly of a Cuba federation.

Chavez is also consolidating regional alliances. Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and thirteen Caribbean countries owe him big favors. Nicaragua’s US friendly government is being challenged by retro-leader Daniel Ortega and Venezuela is backing up the Sandinista machinery.

Castro, Ortega, Chavez, more than a shift, this is looking like a flashback, and without Reagan.


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