Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Three Caballeros Vs. Bush

Argentine demigod Diego Armando Maradona is teaming up with perennial dictator Fidel Castro and mega-populist Hugo Chavez to take on Bush junior next week, during his visit to the America’s summit in Argentina.

The first round is televised. Maradona is broadcasting an apologetic interview with Cuba’s Castro, this coming Monday to set the ground for his own Anti-Americas summit.

The second round is live. From Tuesday on Maradona is leading an Anti-Summit that will include a series of street actions to complain against Bush’s visit. Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is expected to have a guest appearance in the Anti-Summit. Activities include a large manifestation in a massive football stadium and a march to Mar del Plata where the American Presidents, including Chavez, will be meeting for the Summit of the Americas.

Bush’s corner looks weak. He is living arguably his most difficult political days as President. The America’s summit may make next week even worse for him.


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