Friday, November 04, 2005

Guilt Trip

Former US President Jimmy Carter worked hard to neutralize fraud accusations after Venezuela’s presidential recall referendum of August 2004. The endorsement of the electoral process by the Carter Center was critical to reassure the international community at the time.

You could say that Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez owes him the presidency, or at least, that he made it easier for Chavez to stay in power.

Now the one who Carter is trying to neutralize is President Chavez himself.

Chavez has become a major antagonist of the US to the point of personally leading an anti-American rally during the ongoing Summit of the Americas in Argentina.

“The personal attacks on the President and the condemnations of America by Hugo Chavez are unjustified and uncalled for” Carter said in an interview.

Raise ravens and they will peck your eyes, says the Spanish proverb.


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