Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Humala Gains Momentum

OIlanta Humala rose the the first place in the Peruvian presidential race 20 days before the election. Here are the numbers produced by Apoyo Opinión y Mercado:
-Ollanta Humala: 32% (3 points more than a week earlier)
-Lourdes Flores: 28% (3 points less than a week earlier)
-Alan Garcia: 21% (1 point less than a week ealier)

In a runoff Humala and Flores would score 50%, however Humala candidacy is clearly gaining momentum whereas Flores's is losing ground.

Media have characterized Lourdes Flores as a free marketer, Ollanta Humala as a leftist with close ties to Venezuela’s Chavez and Alan Garcia as an ineffectual but charismatic former president.


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