Monday, April 10, 2006


The corruption scandals that forced Brazilian Antonio Palocci to resign haven’t affected President Lula’s reputation at all.

A recent public opinion poll by Datafolha actually showed a slight increase in Lula’s actual lead over opposition contestant Geraldo Alckmin from PSDB party.

Lula’s advantage to Alckim rose from 19 to 20%. These are Datafolha's numbers for the first round:

President Lula from PT party: 40% (2 points less than last month).

Gerardo Alckmin from PSDB party: 23% (2 points less than last month).

Anthony Garotinho from PMDB party: 15% (3 points more than last month).

Indeed the story here is the rise of Anthony Garotinho who nevertheless, hasn’t got his party’s nomination yet and is fighting a tendency within his party not to nominate a candidate for these elections but instead establish a political alliance.

Garotinho is a charismatic former Governor of Rio de Janeiro who happens to be both, evangelical and leftist.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger Camilo Pino said...

Another poll, this time by Sensus, confirms that Lula has
suffered little from the Palocci scandal but also shows
Alckim reducing Lula’s lead. These are Sensus numbers for
a first round:

Lula: 37.5 % (from 25.2 in February).
Alckim: 20.6% (from 17.4% in February)
Garotinho: 15% (from 14.4%)

Lula’s approval rating actually increased from 53.3% in
February to 53.6% in April.

Bloomberg carries the story:


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