Friday, May 19, 2006

The Bolivian 10

Evo Morales’ international policy is not random but carefully planed by a group of 10 people, states a report by Bolivian newspaper La Razón.

The team is led by Bolivia’s Vice-President Alvaro Garcia and also includes the ministers of the presidency, Juan Quintana, development, Carlos Villegas, foreign relations, David Choquehuanca, hydrocarbons, Andres Soliz as well as deputy ministers of international economic relations, Maria Luisa Ramos and governmental coordination, Hector Arce.

Movimiento Towards Socialism (MAS) leader German “Gory” Mueller is the “main operator, and the man closest to President Evo Morales’ personal entourage”.

Gory leads the “vanguard groups” with the help of Pablo Solon, who directs the Solon Foundation. Gory and Solon mainly focus on relations with European countries.

Evo Morales himself presides the group that meets before his international trips and helps setting the president’s agenda. Ministers are consulted about their areas of expertise and a “policy like and a position as chief executive” is then adopted.

Ministers interviewed by La Razon made it clear that “nothing has been left to chance" and also that “his statements have had a "clear objective" during Morales’ trips.

Morales has been accused by the Bolivian opposition of improvisation in the international front and of being manipulated by Castro and Chavez.


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