Thursday, May 11, 2006

Veja Ridicules Lula

The latest issue of Veja (largest circulation magazine in Brazil with 1.2m), carries a cover picture of Lula with a boot print on his bottom alluding to Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez recent actions in Bolivia.

The headlines reads: “That one hurt.”

The subtitle elaborates: "Lula took a break on his role of “great leader” of Latin America just to find himself as a courtesan of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who plotted the robbery of Brazil’s assets in Bolivia.”

The lead line marks the tone of a highly critical story: “Hugo Chavez and his Bolivian puppet, Evo Morales, kicked Brazil’s rear end. Before doing so, both asked patriarch Fidel Castro to bless their plans. None of these guys had the delicacy of inviting the Panalto Palace tenant [Lula], who considered himself as a regional leader. Poor Lula, he was the last one in known that president Morales would take over Brazil’s properties in Bolivia and put at risk the supply of gas.”

Veja is arguably the most influential printed medium in Brazil.


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I told you. Castro has a pet named Chavez.Chavez has a pet named Evo.
Lula has no pet and is freaking out. Chavez is stealing Brazilian business in Bolivia.



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