Thursday, June 16, 2005

Venezuelan Communications Minister Admits Army Discontent

Andres Izarra, Venezuelan Communications and Information Minister, is quoted in El Nacional newspaper admitting army discontent: "If there is discontent, it is due to organizational changes; this happens when anything changes, when for instance there is a transfer. This is always the case after the reorganization of the National Armed Forces; perhaps these changes cause frictions and misunderstandings, but there is no unrest. And if there were any unrest, it is normal because of the arrival of new commands."

Only two days ago Minister Izarra had denied allegations of army discontent.

Izarra is also quoted rejecting allegations that army members committed abuses against members of the National Guard (GN). Citing defense Minister Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro, he affirmed that "the Armed Forces are united and firm." He noted that the presence of the GN, as well as the Air Force, the Army and the Navy, will continue in the new TO-5. Thus, operational capability will be increased to counter illegal and destructive mining. They will operate with 20 piranha boats, helicopters and soldiers.


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