Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chavez's Telesur Proposes Alliance to Aljazeera

The new Venezuela/Chavez-funded Latin American TV station Telesur is cooking an alliance with Aljazeera reports Aljazeera itself.

Andres Izarra, Former Communications Minister and current Telesur President, announced the potential alliance yesterday: "We may reach an alliance with Aljazeera, but our interest, more than anything, is in looking for greater diversity and deeper views on subjects." Izarra added that an agreement with Telesur would aim to "search for more material, to seek a deepening of information that we wouldn't obtain otherwise".

The United States legislature recently passed an amendment authorizing TV and radio broadcasts to offer Venezuelans a "precise, objective and complete news source," and to counteract the "Americanization" of Telesur.


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