Friday, August 05, 2005

Mexican Society Snubs Dahasi

It’s official, President Fox can be declared a political corpse and his infamous First Lady Marta Sahagún, the undertaker. Still doubtful? Then check the list of attendants to the latest show staged by “Marta”, an auction of her own elegant dresses organized to quell a political controversy.
Only a handful of people showed at the event and the bid raised a pitiful 4% of an expected total of 300.000 Mexico pesos.
“Marta” donated 36 outfits to a Mexico City-based cancer foundation as a response to criticism over the Government money she has spent in clothing as First Lady. Two women senators accused her of wasting taxpayer’s money in design cloth. She responded with this act of bravado that ended up in embarrassment. As usual, the actual casualty of the First Lady excesses was President Fox.


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