Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lula’s Apology

For the first time in my lifetime I see a Latin American President apologizing in public.

Where I come from an apology is suppose to mean political suicide.
But, is it really so?
Hard to say: no Latin American President has apologized before.

I hope Lula's apology is not interpreted as political weakness. I think of Brazil as a mature democracy. Lula is proving me right with this precedent. Instead of apologizing, Lula could have doubled the minimum wage taking advantage of an ongoing parliamentary vote. But he decided for the difficult path.

Lula's presidency has surpassed all expectations in economical terms. And with this apology he could gain political substance.

It is obvious that the apology is a strategy to be re-elected. And it can even be considered a desperate move, the last way out. But that doesn't mean there is no room for atonement in Brazil.

After all during his time in office Lula has proven to be a capable president.


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