Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mexico Has Only Room for One Caudillo

Subcomandante Marcos returned after four years of silence in what the press has interpreted as an attempt to gain “a political role for the [Zapatista] rebels before the election next July”. He said that the Zapatistas, whatever that means, won’t support any political party and in particular Manuel Lopez Obrador, the populist former major of Mexico city. “He [Lopez Obrador] is a traitor who won’t go back to his socialist past”, Subcomandante Marcos said. This move should hit badly Lopez Obrador’s radical base. Lopez Obrador is the current presidential font runner. Could Subcomandante Marcos be considering throwing his hat, I mean mask, to the ring? In any case, expect more old fashion sabotage in the coming weeks and pay attention to the next opinion polls.


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