Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Are the States Ready for a Third Front?

Chavez has been talking of war for a long while. He has created a personal army of "a million civil voluntaries" and is training them to wage an "asimetric" war.

Was it Che Guevara who said "Let's create one, two, three Vietnams"?

Perhaps Chavez actually expects to deploy the reserve. Perhaps he means to confront the US.

The US can win any battle but not a war. Irak and Afganistan fronts have been opened for too long. The country doesn't look ready for a third small front.

Rumsfeld's agenda during his recent surprise visit to Peru and Paraguay was purely militar. He spoke about regional unstability and met with military officers. The Voice of Castro -better know as Granma newspaper- speculates that Rumsfeld was closing deals on military bases.

Then you have all the media coverage. Robertson's nostalgic 007 dream, Rumsfeld's candid talk, the energy crisis. It all looks like a first act.


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